Choosing The Right Wedding Car For Your Big Day!

by Five Point Wedding

The wedding day is a big milestone in the life of every person. It indicates the turning point when the person becomes ready to take up the burden of a family life. The choice of the wedding car is a sign of the lifestyle and goals of the couple. Most of the couples (41% of those getting married) prefer a single car while some (36%) prefer to use two cars.

The wedding procession

We use the car for the wedding procession. It prepares the bride and groom for the wedding ceremony. One has to choose wedding cars that reflect the glamour of the event. The cars must have enough pomp and show to stand out from the ordinary car. 

Preparing for the wedding

The drive to the temple or church is important and prepares the couple for what lies ahead. The right car gets the couple in the right mood. Have another stand-by wedding car ready in case something goes wrong with the first car.

Cars preferred for weddings

You must select the car with care. The usual cars for a wedding include a sports car, a modern car, a vintage, or a classic. The preferred choices are the Classic /Vintage limos. The best wedding cars are the top-end two-seater convertibles that have its top down. It helps seat the couple with comfort and allows an unobstructed view of everyone. 

Arrange for car drivers

You may not find enough car drivers. Get your close cousins, brothers, and uncles to take over the chore of driving the cars. This will solve your problem of finding the best driver for the car. 

Special cars for an outing for the guests 

If you plan to have an outing for the wedding guests, you will need to arrange the transportation. You can check whether the car rental for wedding gives extra cars when you need them. This will prove useful if you have a large wedding party.

Arrange extra cars

It provides insurance against breakdown. If the car stops in the middle of the procession, you will need an extra car. 

Drive to an exotic location

If you have the wedding at a lovely, beach-side location, the wedding cars help the couple to arrive in style. The wedding guests enjoy themselves at the hotel by the beachside before and after the wedding ceremony.

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